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Monday, April 19, 2010

The year is flying by!

We are expecting our second baby boy september 4th! We couldn't be more excited! This year has been keeping me very busy! The items for now on my blog will be the only ones for sale. I'll be taking orders through email until may 22nd. After that all my items will be on Etsy again. If their are any questions please email me, i am always willing to answer questions! New items will be coming up towards the end of the summer. After all having another little one to plan for is making want to be even more crafty!! Thank you everyone for your patients and understanding as i get through this pregnancy!


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  1. BABY! ha I can't wait! I will buy stuff from you soon k! when I need it once the baby gets here! But you could always give it to me as a gift lol! love you! Your talented that's for sure! xox